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ALB has been in the book market for three years. We started working in 2005 as a small bookshop selling just a few books on sites of second hand, out of print and new bookshops, at the Estante Virtual: The “Estante Virtual” has a special category for the seller, and so that was how we began our work. This category is free to the bookseller that demonstrates their cultural contribution. Having a valuable library I decided to sell my own books and the “Estante Virtual” offered me more space for my books to be advertised and sold. Ana Lima Bookseller would like to thank dearly the “Estante Virtual”, and in particular its director Mr Andre Garcia.

The deep love of books comes from past generations of my family. I’ve known since a young girl the good bookshops in São Paulo.I started being introduced to book specialists and book dealers which has perfected my knowledge of the new and second hand book trade. I’ve learnt about the best authors and the best publishers; who were the high quality publishers and if the authors had extensive knowledge of their subject; I got closer to this literary culture, and was trained by experienced people in the area for many years, both in and out of Brazil.

I collected a small library of 20.000 books, which has gradually grown and today I’m known as the Virtual Library Ana Lima Bookshop, that has reached an international level and backed up with all the necessary resources. We are registered on the site of books". Apart from having developed my own website, I’m beginning to work with, a Canadian company that has one of the highest reputations in the book world.

Today, Ana Lima Bookseller is a company that has a diverse group working in the areas of media, administration, advertising and marketing.

Ana Lima Bookseller is a company that specialises in the area of consulting, administration, advertising and marketing of books, and related subjects. The team of the ALB is consists of Doctors and Professors, specialists in several scientific areas. There are also consultants and translators.
Ana Cecilia Correia Lima – President of the ABL and book consultant.

Ana Lima Bookseller was founded by Ana Cecília Correia Lima.

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