Ana Lima Bookseller is a globalised, virtual bookshop, specializing in rare and out of print books in good condition from any country. We also sell new books from any areas and idioms.We accept worldwide orders as well as orders from Brazil. We are a small company and our office is in Brazil, in the State of São Paulo, in the district of Pinheiros. The small size of our company is compensated by the offering of a dedicated, enthusiastic and individualized serviceand high quality books tailored to the needs of our customers.
Our main goal is our ethical commitment towards You, our customer, at every stage of the transaction. We are a company represented by an individual, whose involvement and experience guarantees the quality of our services. My name is Ana Cecilia Correia Lima. Ana Lima Bookseller Co has a fiscal number of its own, C.N.P.J. 27.777.724/0001-00 named Ana Cecilia Correia Lima and our phone number is 055-11-3082-4042 with Skype and MSN.

As well as being a Bookseller and Company Director at Ana Lima Bookseller Co, I am also a university teacher of Philosophy, I hold a Master Degree as well as a PhD at UNICAMP, Brazil. Books for me are not just a merchandise to profit from, they also mean a whole life dedicated to studying from books, books that are the object of my affection and respect as I believe we culturally grow through them.

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