Adicionar aos Favoritos

Every Saturday a special offer takes place at Ana Lima Bookseller.

Five books are offered, in a variety of languages at 50% to 70% off!


1- Book titles for special offer at Ana Lima Bookseller will be displayed at our site at Midnight every Saturday, as established by Telefonica telephone Co. at its time phone number 130, in Sao Paulo, Brazil;

2- If you are willing to buy a book in special offer, send an email to you take on the commitment to buy that book offered. Please, do not forget to inform your email address as well as the book title of your interest;

3- Sales will be considered done in strict order of arrival from Customer’s emails. In so doing, the very first email sent by a Customer starting from Midnight that Saturday will probably be granted the special offer in that week. That is because our special offers in stock are in small quantities;

4- You will have three business days after sending your special offer purchase email to make a deposit in current account we provided to You. That finalizes book purchase. This bank information is also available in the Orders section of the site mentioned above;

4.1- You can ORDER any book from any country whatsoever. Our chances of getting it are about 90%. It would help us a lot if you sent the following book info to:

a-Title, complete
b- Author/s
c- Editor
d- Desirable year of edition
e- ISBN 10: Just tell how many ISBN numbers are there. If there are 10, you can insert them here as well.
f- ISBN 13: Same as above, 13 numbers
g- Editor´s State of origin
h- Lenguage
i- Country of origin
j- Desirable condition of the book: whether it should be new, in excellent conditions or just second hand; national or imported and so on.


a- Leave your full name;
b- Leave your valid email address;
c- Your phone number with area code;
d- Your address so that we can calculate freight expenses to be paid by the customer;
e- ZIP code;
f- Inform us if You are in a hurry or not;
g- For international orders, one must be aware that shipments by boat would take about 8 weeks to arrive while by plane it takes only about 4 days though it is more expensive.Therefore we request the Customer to express his choice for that matter: by boat or air mail;
h- If a customer chooses for money deposit in US Dollars or Euros (shipment expenses included), this could be deposited on bank account number 43957-1,bank agency 0454 at (Itau Unibanco) Banco Itau in Brazil (bank nr.341). The value to be deposited must be in agreement with the currency rates of that specific day. There will be no further alterations;
i- In case of a book written in an Eastern language, we politely request an additional of 20% to cover research expenses from our Eastern languages consultant.

5- If you are unable to deposit within these three first days after closing the sale, please justify, otherwise this book will once again be available to other buyers at for another week in special offer;

6- Freight value is also a special offer: R$ 5,00 (five reais) nationwide. For Customers abroad, the special offer Freight is 70% of the value indicated in the Exporta Facil section at the Brazilian Post Office. For calculations check site.

7- Special offer freight implies regular Post Office sending at Inexpensive Print category. This category is registered; it provides insurance and a Post Office tracking number. Nevertheless, it will take a maximum of eight days to arrive at any destination nationwide;

8- In case of choosing for a faster form of sending, such as Sedex Hoje, Sedex 10 or Sedex Normal, freight expenses will befall 100% on the Customer;

9- Such special offer does not apply to booksellers, bookstores or any other book dealer;

10- Sending an email requesting a book in the special offer of the week implies in full acceptance of the rules mentioned above.

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