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Ana Limaís bookseller guarantees the privacy of its customers adopting the maximum security in the digital payment system and connection security through HTTP pages. We also offer 24hoursí server outsourced monitoring facility to our customers.

Credit Card Companies. Credit card transactions are handled by third party financial institutions and their vendors and contractors who receive credit card numbers and other personal information from us to verify the credit card numbers and process transactions.

Ana Limaís bookseller follows security standards and procedures that are designed to protect your personal information. This company customerís security is a priority and we donít sell or give your personal information to third parties, unless when we understand that it is necessary to comply with the law. The information of our clients in the e-mails or data base, be it for companies or individuals, protects the rights, property or safety of Ana Limaís, our employees, our customers, users, or others, that including protection against SPAMS.

This is a standard procedure for our clients in accordance to the act of Copywrite Law approved on the 105th congress of regulatory bases about SPAM, section 301, paragraph (a ) (2) (c), decree S 1618, title 3d.

S.1618 - Safeguarding Social Security Numbers Act of 2009

A bill to require the Commissioner of Social Security to issue uniform standards for the method of truncation of Social Security account numbers in order to protect such numbers from being used in the perpetration of fraud or identity theft and to provide for a prohibition on the display to the general public on the Internet of Social Security account numbers by State and local governments, and for other purposes

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