Adicionar aos Favoritos


1- Buying and selling used, rare, out-of-print or new books: All in excellent conditions from reliable suppliers. Books from all over the world as You wish. We buy and sell books in any language. We are not the cheapest, although our books are the best. Remember that the cheapest option is not always the one that suits best. Observation: We might refuse to buy books from editors that we deem unprofessional or displaying translation in disagreement with the Academic works of a given Author.

2- Scientific consultancy, to the Customer who wishes to assemble a high quality library. We comprise a team of consultants for all areas of scientific knowledge.

3- Library evaluation done by experts for each topic.

4- Book restoration. Rare or out-of-print books are academically precious and they might mean a lot to You. We have partnership with top notch restoration professionals in Sao Paulo City.

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